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The SIDECUT Oval Nylon Wax Brush is typically used for removing colder/harder waxes from the structure. Also used for hand polishing the base and brushing out finishing waxes and overlays. 



  • For removing wax from the structure of the base, hand polishing the base and brushing out finishing waxes.
  • Comes with a fully adjustable velcro strap to fit any size of hand.
  • Includes a high quality storage bag to protect it from dirt and other impurities that can damage the base and slow you down.
  • Nylon brushes are used exclusively with Nanox Wax. 
  • Larger than the 'start gate' nylon brush. 
  • Bristle diameter and length designed to optimize use with Nanox Waxes. 


  • Nanox recommends nylon bristles exclusively as the final brush when using all Nanox Waxes.

Best used for: Race skis, All-mountain skis, Powder skis and Snowboards. 

SIDECUT® Ski & Snowboard tuning and wax products in Canada, USA, Europe, Norway, Sweden, Australia & New Zealand.

SIDECUT Nylon Wax Brush Stiff - adjustable strap & storage bag

  • お支払い方法と発送は、ヤマト運輸の代金引換サービスの宅急便コレクトになります。税抜き15,000円以上のお買い上げで、送料無料とさせていただきます。




    詳しくはSize & Shippingのページをご確認ください。

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