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Interchangeable WC Base Bevel Glide Plates. Available in 4 degrees, these precision gliders are used to create the utmost accurate 0.5º, 0.7º, 1.0º or 1.5º base-edge bevel on your skis and snowboards.


  • Easily interchangle 'stainless steel glide plates' (with just 2 screws) in your choice of 0.5º, 0.7º, 1.0º and 1.5º increments giving you the most precise base-edge angles.
  • Each glide plate is laser embossed specifying the degree of angle, won't wear from use and prevents you from attaching the incorrect bevel glide plate. 
  • All components 100% CNC precision machined and made in North America. 
  • Made of the highest quality stainless steel and machined to the strictest tolerances because accuracy is paramount.  
  • You will without question see and feel the superior quality once you use one.

CHOOSING BETWEEN 0.5º, 0.7º, 1.0º and 1.5º BASE BEVEL GUIDES


  • 0.5º - Used on all skis/boards and all slalom skis. For advanced to expert racers who pure carve the majority of their turns and like aggressive and responsive turn intiation and grip.
  • 0.7º - Used when a 0.5º base bevel is a little 'too aggressive' or 'too catchy' for you. Used typically on younger skiers under 14 and most expert All-Mountain skiers and boarders (our recommended 'default' bevel). You may also use on the first 5-20 cm of skis for easier turn initiation while 0.5º is used for the remainder of the edge to the tail. 
  • 1.0º - 1.5º - Used for SG/DH skis, for younger ski racers, free-ride, recreational and terrain park style skiers. For those who want easier steering and turn initiation and don't like that catchy feeling. As above, you may also use the 1.0º guide on the first 5-20 cm of skis for easier turn initiation and the remainder on 0.5º or 0.7º degrees for example. Also used frequently by ski teachers working with lower end clients where steering skills are crucial, freeriders, and for the park and pipe. Recreational skiers commonly prefer 1.0º to 1.5º  for all around use because it allows the skis to steer easier.



Have your skis or boards ever felt 'catchy' or like they won't 'skid or steer' in certain snow conditions? This in most cases is due to inadequate base-edge bevel. This can be very frustrating, dangerous, impair skill development and simply make your on-snow experience very unmotivational.

As you can see, all 4 bevel options have a place from the beginner to the expert and therefore your decision is based on your own personal preference, skill level, strength, ski/board type & snow conditions. It's a good idea to start with 0.5º, test it, if it's too aggressive move up to 0.7º or a 1.0º guide. Remember you can easily add more base-edge angle but you can't go from a 1.0º bevel back to a 0.5º bevel without grinding your skis or board flat again.

Typically, all brand new skis & boards need to be prepared first before being skied or ridden, even if they are new from the factory.

Note: All SIDECUT Diamond Stones, Diamond Discs, Ceramic Stones, Files and Hard Stones have been designed to fit in the WC Base Bevel Guides.


Used For: Race, All-Mountain, Free-ride, Powder skis and Snowboards.

SIDECUT® Ski & Snowboard tuning and wax products in Canada, USA, Europe, Norway, Sweden, Australia & New Zealand.

SIDECUT Interchangeable WC Base Bevel Glide Plates

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