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The CARROT SCRAPER SHARPENER optimizes scraper preparation with lower material consumption and higher precision allowing for the absolute best sharpening. This tool has been developed following specific requirements from professional ski technicians & trainers. This machine guarantees maximum performance, while saving weight and space during travel. 


The greatest advantage of this sharpener is that is delivers a fully homogeneous scraper angle every time so that no damage is done to the ski base during scraping. It is powered by an analog PSU with an on/off button that maintains extremely precise engine stability. Additionally, this machine contains an aspiration system so that the shavings can be directed directly in the disposal location of your choice.



  • Portable and sturdy
  • 110V-240V can be used world-wide
  • Quickly and accurately keeps your plexi scrapers sharp
  • Accepts all scraper thicknesses
  • Sharpening your scraper each time you wax will reduce your scraping time considerably
  • connects to you shop-vacuum with adapter and aspiration tube supplied disposing of plexi debris


  • Scraping with dull scrapers is very time consuming and can cause your bases to become concave, which greatly impacts performance. 



Used for: Race, All-Mountain, Free-Ride and Snowboard. 

SIDECUT® Ski & Snowboard tuning and wax products in Canada, USA, Europe, Norway, Sweden, Australia & New Zealand

SIDECUT Carrot Electric Scraper Sharpener

  • お支払い方法と発送は、ヤマト運輸の代金引換サービスの宅急便コレクトになります。税抜き15,000円以上のお買い上げで、送料無料とさせていただきます。




    詳しくはSize & Shippingのページをご確認ください。

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